Emission Rx is a leading equipment provider for emission mitigation technology in North America.
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In house engineering, design, modelling and drafting means a one-stop-shop for custom solutions to streamline any operation. 

Custom Design & Engineering

Reliable, robust and made for the toughest conditions, our combustors are built locally from start to finish. 

Construction & Installation

Simple and refined design means less time installing, more time working on the next big project. If something needs attention, we've got you covered.

Support & Maintenance




Geared towards processes requiring low skin temperatures as well as processes that require a minimum operating temperature (Sour gas, BTEX Destruction, etc.). 


Our most economical option, these robust units get the job done at a low capital cost. Cost reductions have been considered in every avenue from material and build efficiency, to shipping and installation efficiency.


Designed for high temperature operation and maximum flow in an economical package, these units enclose the burner flame and reject large amounts of heat to ensure maximum flow throughout at the lowest possible exhaust temperature.






Emission Rx was established in response to aggressive industry regulations and the need for products and services that allow the continued production of hydrocarbon resources. The Emission Rx team is dedicated to creating emission mitigation technology with all the benefits of a traditional waste gas incinerator at the price of a flare. With in-house engineering, R&D, testing, and fabrication capabilities, you can be sure you are receiving well designed and built products geared to handle all of your emission reduction projects.


Going above and beyond to meet the ever-changing landscape of the oil and gas industry, you can count on streamlined service, custom solutions, and ongoing support all the way from the first phone call to on-site operations. 

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Emission Rx provides high-efficiency waste gas combustion products for use in emission mitigation projects in the North American oil and gas industry. Explore our current products for full details. 





For inquires in Canada, please contact our Canadian distributor. For all other inquiries, please contact us directly. Either by phone, email, or the form below.

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