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Custom Design & Engineering

Construction & Installation

Support &

Custom Design & Engineering

We enjoy solving problems and tackling challenges head-on, which is why we offer custom design and engineering for every project. Our solutions are driven by your needs, and we strive to bring you a hassle-free and streamlined process. 

Engineered drawings and designs are P.Eng stamped. 

Man welding

Support & Maintenance

Our simple and refined design makes for easy installation and worry-free operation. We walk you and your team through easy to understand controls to prevent any unwanted compliance or operation issues. If you need repairs and maintenance done onsite - we've got you covered.


Waste gas combustion blueprints

Construction & Installation

All of our manufacturing is done locally, so we have the ability to walk the factory floor and not only see the progress but quickly make adjustments if your project needs change. Our combustors are built to last - but easy to install, with considerations of the harsh conditions they will need to withstand. Safety, reliability, and affordability are our top priorities. 

Pressure gauges on waste gas combustor



For inquires in Canada, please contact our Canadian distributor. For all other inquiries, please contact us directly. 

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Tel: 1-403-452-5633

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